Our Guarantee

at Recycled Luxury, our core values are transparency and sustainability - fair pricing on quality, authentic luxury pieces.

our first priority is to ensure the integrity of any pieces we offer. all of our pieces are carefully & thoroughly authenticated not once, but twice to give you peace of mind and enable you to shop vintage luxury with confidence. 

at our headquarters in central London our lead authenticator, with over 20 years of experience, individually physically inspects each and every single piece we offer- unlike other companies we don't rely on pictures, all of our luxury pieces are held by us in person. we prioritise the quality of our items over quantity. in addition, we employ the use of artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms to confirm authenticity. 

The Process

our authentication process occurs in 4 main phases.

details including (but not limited to) serial numbers, date codes, stampings, engravings, hardware, stitching, zippers & the material itself in addition to any original packaging and/or authenticity cards are systematically inspected by a dedicated member of our authentication team.

our lead authenticator conducts another independent appraisal of all aspects of the item, ensuring these details correspond to that of the respective brand in order to confirm authenticity.

if there is any ambiguity or doubt, we simply reject the item. we have an incredibly strict policy and do not take any risks to ensure our clients can shop with the utmost trust. 

a quality report is produced, dating the piece and outlining the overall condition of the item as well as any original included packaging.

if you've got any further questions, please do e-mail us at 


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